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Export and Wholesale

CHUN WO HOLDINGS it provides one-stop vegetable wholesale, processing and distribution services to major restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, company canteens and food processing plants, etc., and has won the trust of the industry. To ensure the freshness of our vegetables, we harvest products from our own farm every morning at midnight. The whole process is transported to various large and small restaurants and institutions in Hong Kong and Macao at 0-4 refrigeration temperature, so as to best prepare the chefs for the start of the day.
Our customers include supermarkets, markets, hotels, restaurants, bank canteens, airlines, schools and nursing homes, etc. We have our own fleet of vehicles and refrigerated warehouses to provide high-quality products and excellent services. The Group has strictly monitored the quality, hygiene and safety of vegetable products. In addition to obtaining safety licenses issued by relevant domestic agencies, we have many retail partners in Hong Kong and have also been rated as “Reputable Retailers” by the Vegetable Marketing Office. ”.