CHUN WO HOLDINGS (HONG KONG) LIMITED provides 7x24comprehensive services of vegetable processing and distribution.

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Vegetables Wholesale and Distribution Services

Chun Wo Holdings is committed to providing professional one-stop vegetable solutions continuously and as the most truthful partner for the Food & Beverage industries in Hong Kong, such as restaurants, hotels and nursing homes etc.

To ensure the quality of vegetables, we harvest products from early morning, then delivery to our customers with 0-4 degree temperature-controlled in Hong Kong.

Vegetables Processing and OEM Manufacturing

As vegetable processing is our core service, we invest in 6 processing factories and aim to provide fresh, safe, and reliable vegetables to our customers in Hong Kong.

Chun Wo Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited fulfill the standard of ISO 22000 food safety system that achieve international export standards. With an annual processing capacity exceeding 150,000 tons, we able to stable supply of agricultural products for the year round.

We distributed over 50,000 tons of processed vegetables to our customers, such as supermarkets, cafeterias, restaurants that located in China, Hong Kong, Macau, as well as export vegetables to European and American countries including Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Customized Services – OEM Manufacturing

To enhance the competitive advantage for our customers, Chun Wo Holdings can provide one-stop OEM services that are fully based on the customer’s instruction of product’s idea, labeling and packing.

For Ordering and Delivery Service

Chun Wo Holdings supply types of vegetables to Hong Kong continuously. Please contact our customer services for any inquiry as follow:

Telephone:2322-7896 or 2322-1676


To handling your inquiry efficiently, please fill in the following order form and our customer services team will get back you soon.


Frozen Coconut Shell

Chun Wo Holdings provides a serial of coconut products, specially designed for hotels and restaurants, including frozen coconut shell, coconut water, fresh coconut meat. It’s appropriate for desserts and stewed soup.

Vegetables Retail Services

Chun Wo Holdings provides quality and hygiene vegetables products to customers by well temperature-controlled and storage, such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bank canteens, airlines, schools and nursing homes etc. We obtained different safety license that make trust with our retail partners.

Accredited Retailer

VMO and AFCD have been jointly running the Accredited Farm Scheme since 1994. The scheme accredited vegetables farms in Hong Kong or Guangdong Province operated by Hong Kong citizens for adoption of good horticultural practices and proper use of pesticides. Following the northward relocation of the Mainland vegetable farms operated by Hong Kong citizens, the scheme has also been extended to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region during the year.

Accredited vegetables are sampled and tested to ensure that there is no excess pesticide residue before distribution for sale at retailer outlets designated by VMO. Consumers can identify these outlets by the VMO ‘accredited retailer logo carried by the retailers.

Retail points – Wet Market

Chun Wo Holdings has over 30 retail points recognized by Vegetable Marketing Organization, coverage Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, that provide different vegetables to customers.


Online Store – MART@HERE

To serve with individual customers, Chun Wo Holdings setup a new brand – MART@HERE. It’s provides a new channel to customers that purchase fresh vegetables online and using electronic payment.