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Vegetables Wholesales and Distribution

Jinhe Group provides one-stop vegetable wholesale, processing and distribution services, including major restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, company canteens and food processing plants, etc., and has won the trust of the industry. To ensure the freshness of our vegetables, we harvest products from our own farm every morning at midnight. The whole process is transported to various large and small restaurants and institutions in Hong Kong and Macao at 0-4 refrigeration temperature, so as to best prepare the chefs for the start of the day.
Wholesale and export to Hong Kong:
The group sells nearly 20,000 tons of vegetables every year, and its sales websites are located in many places, including: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Beijing, Shanghai and other places. The quality of vegetables supplied to Hong Kong and Macao is even more strictly monitored. All agricultural and sideline product planting bases must be registered with the mainland authorities. The China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will audit and record the bases, including soil quality, water quality, empty containers, standardized management, etc. All fruits and vegetables will be randomly inspected three times before harvesting. Only if they are qualified can they be harvested and then transported to distribution points.